The Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

Dedicated to the memories of the “Amphibious Soldiers” of WWII,
Franklin County is proud to be the location of North Florida’s premier WWII museum.  

Nationally honored by the Smithsonian Magazine for three straight years. Our new facilities, located within the Carrabelle City Complex, house over 5,000 square feet of artifacts, vehicles, photos, memorabilia and memories of the soldiers, sailors and other military as well as civilian personnel who trained and worked here during the  WWII years. Three Infantry division and two Special Brigades left here after training to confront tyranny both in Europe and the Pacific. Learn about their dedication, fears and heroism at our museum.

The Carrabelle City Complex is located at 1001 Gray Avenue, Carrabelle, 32322.
Museum hours are: Monday through Thursday 1300 to 1600 hours. Friday from 1200 until 1600 hours and Saturday from 1000 till 1400 hours.

The Camp Gordon Johnston Association also participates in parades and educational historic events and welcomes field trips from schools, clubs and other organizations.

To request for our participation in an events Please contact us through e-mail or by phome at: (850) 697-8575 for your request.

Click here for some pictures of our Museum, with more to come!

The Camp Gordon Johnston Association proudly announces the establishment of the Camp Gordon Johnston Museum. Located in Carrabelle, Florida, the museum's role is to preserve the heritage of the men who trained at the this camp during WW II. Carrabelle was the focal point of social life around the camp when it was open during WW II, and today continues its role as the preserver of the amphibious soldier's heritage.

Camp Gordon Johnston opened in 1942 for the sole purpose of training amphibious soldiers and their support groups, this camp trained a quarter of a million men, closing in June of 1946.

The sacrifices and achievements of our WW II era citizens have led historians to label these individuals as the best generation America has yet produced. We feel it would be a tragedy not to display their accomplishments as a worthy lesson for today's citizens. To this extent the museum promotes not only the history of WW II, but also portrays the gigantic effort that our nation poured into this conflict.The CGJ Museum has compiled an extensive history of the various units that trained here, as well as a photographic display of the area and life as it existed at the camp. Furthermore, the CGJ veterans have contributed the artifacts brought back from battles overseas, along with uniforms, mess kits, and all sorts of souvenirs, too numerous to name.

The museum also preserves an oral history, preserving the experiences of our veterans. For example, Mr. George Blanchett, retired and currently living in Massachusetts, tells of airplanes from nearby Dale Mabry Field making strafing runs off Alligator Bay. The pilot attempted to perform a "loop." Unfortunately, the inexperienced flier did not have sufficient altitude and dove straight into the ground.

Many such stories are told in our publication, the Amphibian, official newspaper of the Camp Gordon Johnston Museum. To access our latest issue go to the Amphibian button on this web page and down-load or view.

The Camp Gordon Johnston Museum is in the Carrabelle City Complex located at 1001 Gray Avenue, Carrabelle, 32322. . in Carrabelle, Florida, about 60 miles from Tallahassee. Admission is free and all visitors are welcome.

The hours are from 1300 to 1600 hours Monday through Thursday, 1200 to 1600 hours Friday and 1000 till 1400 hours on Saturdays. For group tours or individual visits outside of those normal hours, call the Museum at: (850) 697-8575 for additional arrangements. Tours are welcome and WWII veterans will be given special; consideration. A wheelchair is available.

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You can help keep this unique American history experience open by becoming a Charter Member. As such you will: Automatically receive the Amphibian for one year. Have your name placed on the Charter membership Roll in the entrance of the Museum. Receive a certificate, suitable for framing, in your office or home. We invite your comments (as it will be YOUR Museum) on how you would like us to proceed. If you would like to become a Charter Membership, or make a tax deductable contribution, Click here. (The Camp Gordon Johnston Association is a not for profit 501(c)3 corporation)